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iphone Vs Blackberry ,,,,,,,,,,,,, which one??!

since I am in the process of changing my mobile or actually be updated with the latest mobile technology, I facing a struggle of choosing between the two major competitors Blackberry and iphone. So I am going to ask you which way to go, and also I will talk about some interesting facts and information I found on the internet about apple and berry.




the above link provides a very interesting facts, but I think I concerns the users in the united states, and I would like to know how it works in Kuwait.


BlackBerry Owners Are From Venus…


Do You Find Me Attractive?

If a potential romantic partner had out-of-date gadgets, would that be a turn-off?


Iphone owners think they do more in life….

How do you see yourself?



what do you think ,,, is it the same in kuwait or not???????

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