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Ok guys let’s talk serious,,,!

Since we started this blog on September 24th , exactly two months and 9 days we had posted a total of 22 post including this one. And we know that we are a little bit lazy on posting on a daily way, but believe us we are trying to speed our thoughts here. Interestingly enough we hit a very modest record yesterday, which is 52 viewers. And in order to appreciate this and to continue developing the blog, here is the deal. But before that, I want to highlight some issues regarding the blog. Our friends are concerns about two things. First is the name of the blog, second is the hosting (they want it to be www.yam3a.com instead of www.yam3a.wordpress.com ). So, let us get back to the deal.

1-      You have to comment,,,!

In order for us to develop the blog we want your interaction with us, give us your opinions, discuss with us, and basically share your thoughts with us.

The target is at least five comments per post.

2-      From today until the end of march 2010,,!! (our 6 months anniversary)

The discussion about the name of the blog is open so tell us your suggestions.

How it works: every week I will announce the “new name brainstorm” and you have to participate.

3-      Posts,,!!!

I promise to post at least every other day, so you do not have any one to balm.

The target is to daily post at least two posts.

4-      Viewers,,,!

On our 6 month anniversary if we hit a daily 100 viewers, we will move to a specific domain name, and then to improve it further to actually design our own theme and logo.

How is that’s sound,,,, are you agree with us,,,,,,

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  1. M
    December 3, 2009 at 9:21 am

    First of all, wishing u the best of luck on ur new blog. The concept is so interesting and the way u derived the name from an actual yam3a or deywania is marvelous. Moreover, I’m usually a silent reader for most of the blogs i read but to encourage u and achieve ur target comment number, I’ll be willing to do that.

    I have a few suggestions:
    1) Try to have more than 2 writers in ur blog in order to not concentrate on a specific theme (i.e. technology, cars, etc). Ex. U can have a writer that talks about politics since the theme is deywania/yam3at fil deywania then we should know what ppl talk about in deywanias (shabab and the older generation).

    2) I don’t think u should change the text logo. It has a meaning to it and concept and i love it.

    These r my suggestions. All in all, loving it and good luck 🙂

    • December 3, 2009 at 4:09 pm

      thanks a lot M.your comments are highly appreciated honestly. and as I told before, we will try our best to post regularly.
      thanks again 🙂

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