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Cool looking space shuttle

April 25, 2010 Leave a comment

this is  actually a space shuttle that belongs to the american air force, furthermore this shuttle you may say looks like the traditional NASA shuttles ? true, but in reality it does not because it is UNMANNED and quarter the original size of the old fashioned shuttles.

you may ask as well what the hell it will do in space ? well it will serve as platform for space related experiments and to give an insight on the possibility of  “transporting satellite sensors and other equipment from and to space”. it does not have anything to do with development of space weaponry. where is it now? already surfing in space. whats its called? X-37B

note : the only reason I am posting this is because I really like the shuttle design and thats it.

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Eee Pad … whats with the Pad fever!

April 25, 2010 2 comments

A report out of Taiwan has Asustek Chairman Jerry Shen announcing a new tablet that the company will make called the Eee Pad, which will be an iPad competitor, according to Digitimes. The device will run Android, have an Nvidia Tegra processor, and sell for between $479 and $510 beginning sometime in July. The Eee Pad will reportedly be introduced at Computex, the yearly computer exhibition to be held in Taiwan in early June.

Forbes reported in March that several tablets are on the way from Asus.

“Eee” is the name for the company’s consumer devices, which include the original Netbook, the EeePC, and has been extended to a number of computers like the EeeTop, an all-in-one desktop PC.

The company’s U.S. spokeswoman didn’t have any additional information about the product, but we’ll post more info if we get it.

Android-based tablets aimed at providing competition for Apple’s iPad have been talked about a lot, but few have actually begun shipping. Archos released one last year, and on Thursday Engadget got its hands on some internal Dell documents that show a 7-inch Android and Tegra-based tablet the company is apparently planning to release in November.”


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Water Scrapers

April 25, 2010 2 comments

bassicaly what you see in the photo is an upside down sky scrapers dipped in water or rather called a water scraper…. now is it possible ?

read all about it :

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What a complete idiot

March 23, 2010 Leave a comment

talk about mentalities .. he is a complete for the following reasons :

1. kuwait is not country of angeles

2. he is a complete idiot

3.a kuwaiti accent on a hindi movie is bloody hilarious.

4.he is a complete idiot

5.the presenter dose not have any type of skill at journalism nor media

6. he is a complete idiot

7. he is trying to attract attention in a very idiotic way


flash tv is a channel that is trying to attract viewers with any possible means and that is because there are  no viewers at all. if there was any viewer at all mostly he will be high.

Note: i dont hate the guy nor have grudge against him, the video is just damn funny and stupid

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Premier League Fantasy Football

March 17, 2010 3 comments

I think by now every body must have an idea about fantasy football, that is because it became very popular during the last year or so.. if you dont know what`s fantasy football ,,, well to  make things short it is a simulation internet  based game were you choose your squad with the available allocated points, hence each player its equal a certain set of points,, basically these point are sort of your money. ok how can you win or lose in this game? first off you sign up make up your squad,your team will automatically join a public league or  you can set up a privet one between you and some friends ( this way is more competitive and more fun),wait for the real games and dependant on the players performance in the real game each player will earn a set of points. at the end of the last game all your points  will be summed up and will make up your result. this process will be repeated each game week which will force you to substitute players or make transfers each week, that is because sometimes a player in your squad may be injured or is not  performing as anticipated.

what i wrote is a mere introduction for more information please check out the link below:

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thats why I hate the iPad

February 13, 2010 2 comments

before the ipad  announcement   I really was very keen on what would it be like to hold an OSX tablet or whatever it was going be. but when I saw the ipad add, i quickly opened the tech spec page and as a result i was very disappointed and then i told my self its like a giant iPhone  oops,,, forgot to mention   cant talk with an ipad  but YOU CAN READ eBOOKS !!!

Must SEE

this video was posted on frankom`s blog

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Previewman —- really Funny !!

January 15, 2010 1 comment


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