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July 21, 2010 4 comments

UPDATE: ANGRY BIRDS Updated: Jul 16, 2010″

All you angry birds lovers, go and update your application now…
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NEW UPDATE for Angry Birds game

May 20, 2010 Leave a comment

NEW UPDATE for Angry Birds game!! ..

In our weekly yam3a (gathering), we have been addicted to it and waiting for this latest version/update (1.3.2) .. now we have a chance to enjoy playing the latest update of Angry Birds in this dusty weekend 🙂 …

thnx bo 5alid

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Premier League Fantasy Football

March 17, 2010 3 comments

I think by now every body must have an idea about fantasy football, that is because it became very popular during the last year or so.. if you dont know what`s fantasy football ,,, well to  make things short it is a simulation internet  based game were you choose your squad with the available allocated points, hence each player its equal a certain set of points,, basically these point are sort of your money. ok how can you win or lose in this game? first off you sign up make up your squad,your team will automatically join a public league or  you can set up a privet one between you and some friends ( this way is more competitive and more fun),wait for the real games and dependant on the players performance in the real game each player will earn a set of points. at the end of the last game all your points  will be summed up and will make up your result. this process will be repeated each game week which will force you to substitute players or make transfers each week, that is because sometimes a player in your squad may be injured or is not  performing as anticipated.

what i wrote is a mere introduction for more information please check out the link below:

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nice game.. enjoooy

December 29, 2009 1 comment

i would like to share this game with you …. blyaardoo  “etha et7bonhaa :P”

have fun 😉

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monopoly city street game

September 24, 2009 Leave a comment

what do you thing of it,,,,,,,  i think it’s better than the facebook games ,, at the end , it is the new “habba” for us .



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