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iOS 4 update is now available

June 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Hii all,  the new update for your iPhone operating system (iOS 4) is now available to download, we mentioned it before in yam3a “iPhone software update OS 4, the free new update will let you have amazing features in your iPhone like multitasking which allow you to run many applications at the same time and you can switch between them anytime, another great feature which is Folders that allow you to create folders to manage and organize you applications, camera digital zoom and many others features.

The iOS 4 update can be downloaded from iTunes and it is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G. Not all features are compatible with all devices. For example, multitasking is available only with iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

for more information:

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Hello again,,,, its time for brazil,,,,,

June 9, 2010 1 comment

After we were done with Argentina, we went to Brasilia the capital of Brazil. The Brazilian airline  (which is TAM airline) was good acutely the best in South America. But you have to land either in sao Paolo or reio. The capital is very quite and peaceful. Designed and built 50 years ago. During this year they are celebrating the 50th anniversary. The city was design to house up to 500,000 populations but now the count is 2,000,000 people and you can’t fell the conjunction. The streets are wide enough, and they made an artificial lake big one. and also it is almost every where we will find a football court.

Leave you with the pictures.

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Iphone 4

June 8, 2010 3 comments

Just now apple introduced the new iPhone 4, it is full of amazing new features. With new iPhone 4 you can talk and watch your friends from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi.  More over, you can shoot your own video in HD and editing it too.… for more details check out this video from apple.

iPhone 4 arrives on June 24, and you can pre-order on June 15

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